2006 Mazda 3

  • 2006 Mazda 3

    Mazda 3
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    Services Performed
    • Accessed and replaced air conditioning compressor and belt.
    • Evacuated system for repair. Vacuum and charge system to specification. Verified operation.
    • Here is a link to your 2006 Mazda 3 s inspection: https://2un.me/8bocl2es Rotated Tires During Inspection Front Brake Pad at 6MM Rear Brake Pad at 8MM A/C Belt Missing A/C Compressor seized Temperature control switches inop due to rheostat failure Temperature blend door actuator is internally shorted Valve Cover Gasket leaking
    • Replaced temperature control assembly with used unit and verified operation.
    • Verified concern. Found several component level concerns in HVAC system failures. First, air conditioning compressor is seized and has melted belt off. Continued diagnostic on HVAC control systems. Used DVOM to find no voltage change from either fan speed or temperature control switches due to rheostat failure. Scan test shows B1261 stored. Accessed and tested sunload sensor, actuators in circuit. Found temperature blend door actuator is internally shorted and cause of concern. See other line for repairs made on this invoice diagnosis only on this line,
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